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Totally Gameboy!

How dare people rate this song at a 2.9??

Anyway this song really captures idea of "Video Game". At first it reminded of the really old Pokemon games but when it picked up a little it took me back to the era of games in general. However the ending to the track seemed kind of rushed and out of no where. That is the only con of this song though, nice work!

Kubbi responds:

The reason for it to end so sudden is because it's supposed to be a more interesting transition to the next track of the album which will start with a very powerfull climax. Thought it might end up nice. Thanks a lot for the feedback though. I really appreciate it :)


Well...lets say this lives up to its title ;) Nice work.

Hope you dont mind me reviewig another track

This was pretty cool actually. I liked the main melody. Especially that really chill moment around the beginning, about 30 seconds in. Another thing I like is how through out the entire track is its diversity. I has A LOT going on but i'd say it is at the limit of what most people can take at once, so that is pretty good (i guess depending on who you are). Another thing I mean when I say diversity is, I hear the New Wave, Techno, A little bit a Hip-hop maybe and even dubstep characterstics. for an earlier work it is pretty good! I really wish the chill melody around the beginning lasted longer. Keep doing what youre doing when it comes to music.

VTAEP responds:

Well thank you very much sir! I am glad that you like that it changes up and goes in all kinds of different directions. That is what I am going for (obviously) haha. But yes, I don't really limit myself to any genre, just make it electronic really. But thank you again, I will very much keep up what I am doing!

I really enjoy writing eletronic music. I started writing music only last year and since then it has been one of my favorite things to do. When I'm an adult I really want to be a cartoonist, music producer/music writer.

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